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June Planning Meeting (.xls)
August 15, 2007
September 19, 2007
October 17, 2007
January 9, 2008
February 20, 2008
March 19, 2008
April 16 2008
Office Officer e-mail
Chair Anita Kentworthy anita.kenworthy (at)
Chair-Elect Cary Black cblack (at)
Secretary Shelly Bennett Shelly.bennett (at)
Treasurer Greg Stewart Gdspe_asq1004 (at)
Program Co-Chair Marci Beagle mbeagle (at)
Program Co-Chair Mark Ouellette

mouellet (at)

Webmaster Peter Hudeck webmaster(at)
Membership Chair Lori Seguin lori.segui (at)
Newsletter Editior Greg Rovoll greg.rovoll (at)
Recertification Chair Karl Eckerle keckerle (at)
Education Chair Roy LaRue Roy.larue (at)
SMP Chair Christine Eckerle christineeckerle (at)
Student Sections Curt Pawloski maxintegral (at)
Board Member John Hickey, II
jhickey (at)
To send a boardmember e-mail please change the (at) to @ Thanks

Meeting are held at the Texan on Bay Rd. at 5:00 pm


The meeting date will become a link when meeting minutes are available.



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