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Personal information is only collected at this web site when you voluntarily submit it (Fill out a form). No information is collected without your knowledge other than anonymous information such as page counters incremented when a page is visited or information as to which types of browsers are used so web site compatibility can be ensured. In those types of cases, the information is not associated with any individual information. The information you provide is never disclosed unless it is specifically stated that it will be (an example being the form to submit your job qualifications for posting so prospective employers can view it). Any information routinely used (such as e-mail addresses submitted for monthly electronic newsletter notification) is stored on this web site in a restricted location. The only individuals with access are board members responsible for using the information as you intended upon submitted your information. Use of e-mail addresses are further protected as they are only used in the blind carbon copy field so no other recipients can view your address.


Information on this web site is originated (coded) on the webmasters computer. To ensure that all information on this web site if free of viruses, the following is completed:

  • Virus scanning software on the webmasters computer is updated weekly at a minimum
  • The webmasters computer is continuously scanned for viruses in the background
  • An entire system scan of the webmasters computer is completed weekly at a minimum
    Privacy and Securty Policy

Last Updated on Wednesday, August 27, 2003